My Career Plans.

My career plans:

My goal as a Graphic Designer is  to create, or have my own studio. My own design firm or company; however, I know and understand it takes time to do it, and It is a process which I should follow and respect.

On my road or process , I would be very interested in work with any other companies learning and getting all the knowledge possible. I’ve reached some nice companies I’d like to work for, such as, Swerve Design, Ink, Atom Design Collective, Doug  & Serge, Fiver Design etc.

Interactive Campaign: I would like  to be involve in a project where the creativity and design are the most important. I’d like to be behind the design and animation some of my strongest skills. Companies like BMWNike, Coca – Cola, Angry Birds. Their creativity and design are unique and the interactive campaigns are brilliant.

The ideal work environment and type of work I am interested in:

  • Job near my place
  • Clean smelling air
  • Big Room with lots of white space
  • Music that isn’t that loud, or Justin Bieber
  • Access to natural light
  • Artwork and inspirations on two walls
  • Access to clean and cool drinking water (Potable).
  • Coffee isn’t a must have for me. Since I don’t drink it.
  • Oh! And white paper and pencils.

Some of my  favorite and inspirational designers:

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”


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